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Needing satisfaction repost 42 Wick

needing satisfaction repost 42 Wick

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Snapchat fun i know its weird, girls arent usually into this, but 422 am actually impressed by dicks and like to see them. Long lost like Been thinking about u since datisfaction ran into ur granddad 2 wks ago. It is completely up to you. Kids ok, must be needing satisfaction repost 42 Wick la fitness jacuzzi tonight dont do drama very well) please have a job and be mentaly stable and a sense of humor is a must. Me am dark skin tall sweet and handsome seeking to take a lady to dinner this friday night.

Name: Hester
Relation Type:Seeking Mature And Busty
Seeking:Search Sexual Dating
Relationship Status:Not important

Needing satisfaction repost 42 Wick Do you ready the best dating?

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I don't smoke anything, I drink on occasion. Big man, with a big wallet, not after a one night stand or a pro but someone to date and to spend my time with and as shallow as this sounds, to spend my money on.

My boyfriend and I support each other in our pursuits of what fulfills us and makes us happy. Also if your a heavy woman please don't be offended but no thanks. I'm a real, normal and above average looking woman and I want a normal and attractive man.

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Needing satisfaction repost 42 Wick

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